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Breathworks Mindfulness Courses

Mindfulness gives you your life back, you can live the life you want, with confidence and positivity.

  • If mindfulness is new to you and you are living with pain, illness or stress that is impacting on your physical and mental health, learn more about mindfulness and our 8-week Breathworks Mindfulness for Health Courses
  • If mindfulness is new to you and you are experiencing stress or would like to learn effective strategies to deal with the general complexity and pace of modern life, Breathworks Mindfulness for Stress Courses will be helpful for you. You can also read more about mindfulness
  • If you are unable to attend a course in person due to your location or your current situation, an online course is the ideal way for you to learn mindfulness.

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  • If you have completed an 8 week course and want to find out more about ways to develop your understanding and deepen your practice look at info for 8 week course graduates
  • If you are a healthcare professional, looking to find out more about mindfulness to use with your patients or your workplace organisation, read moreabout our courses  Mindfulness and Compassion for Health Professionals

  • If you would like information about mindfulness within the workplace, you can read more about Breathworks mindfulness programmes in the workplace/organisations
  • Information about training to be a mindfulness teacher can be found in our teacher training section

  • If you are a Breathworks mindfulness teacher, Breathworks have a range of upcoming CPD courses and events
  • If you are a MBSR/MBCT mindfulness teacher and would like to find out about the Breathworks approach, you can find out more about upcoming training and workshops

    Or if you have further questions about courses that we offer, you can contact us directly via email or by calling 0161 834 1110