Dear friends,

I am fundraising for Breathworks, a small charity based in the UK with a mission to make mindfulness accessible to all. In particular, Breathworks enable people living with chronic pain, illness and stress to reclaim them lives, learning how to work with their minds and bodies, rather than against them.

For Small Charity Week (24 - 30th June), friends of Breathworks have been invited to take part in this special Community Fundraiser, a form of sponsored silence across 7 days where we each choose a challenge to commit to. This will raise funds for seven young adults in hardship to access the life-changing benefits of mindfulness & compassion training, which I myself have found so valuable.

To play my part in Silence for Seven, I have decided to commit to silence every day from tomorrow, starting at 7 hours, decreasing hours as the week progresses, and ending with 1 hour's silence next Sunday. This is because I want to support this Project and silence brings me spaciousness to see what is happening in my life. Very challenging as I've not re-arranged any of my appointments, which is what I normally do when I'm on retreat

I would be incredibly grateful if you could support me with a donation - no amount is too small!

Thank you!
Julie j phillips