Vidyamala Presents New Programme at Lifestyle Medicine Conference

Vidyamala presents new holistic health-management programme, HEALS, at the 2023 BSLM Conference. Read more

Pain Awareness Month 2023

September is Pain Awareness Month, Breathworks marks this awareness day with words from Vidyamala and free access to a Methods to Live Well with Pain & Illness course. Read more

Breathworks Seed Funding Project 2023

We’re really pleased to announce the launch of applications to our 2023 Breathworks programme of project seed funding. Read more

How does meditation work and what are the benefits?

In the lead up to World Meditation Day, we thought we’d gather and share the most recent findings into meditation and how it works, as well as some of the benefits that you can expect to see with sustained practice. Read more

6 ways that mindfulness can help a spinal cord injury

In observance of Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Day on May 13, Vidyamala Burch OBE, co-founder of Breathworks, shares 6 techniques for managing spinal injury and pain using Breathworks Mindfulness approach. Read more

Current Needs and Demands for Mindfulness Teaching Today

On 4 April, Jon Kabat-Zinn spoke at the European Associations for Mindfulness (EAMBA) conference about the current needs and demands for mindfulness teaching today. We summarise his key takeaways here. Read more

MS, Mindfulness and Me

As we observe MS Awareness Week, we want to share the inspiring story of Annie Jones, a lifelong meditator and former Breathworks teacher who has found relief from her MS symptoms through mindfulness. Read more

A Birthday Present With Heart - Fundraising for Breathworks

In this blog, we celebrate Tareshvari (Tish) Robinson, a Breathworks accredited teacher, who recently raised a whopping £1,000 for Breathworks in her 60th birthday fundraiser. Read more