Our charitable fund offers bursaries for subsidised places on a third of all the places on the Online Mindfulness for Health Courses, Online Mindfulness for Stress Courses, and Breathworks Training Programme.


We recognise that there may be financial barriers for many people in need of our services and our bursary programme is available for those in need of support.  

Our partial bursaries support people from marginalised or under-served groups and for teacher training, prioritise those who want to go on and share mindfulness in these populations and communities.

We review each application on its merits and prioritise our limited resources to people living with physical and/or mental health conditions, people of colour and those who are members of other historically marginalised groups.  We consider the personal financial need, separate from being financially over extended / committed.

When you apply, we ask you to consider how much you are able to fund yourself and if accepted, the charitable fund will make up the remainder of the course fee.   

For our Trainings the funding available is typically 50% of the cost, however if you fall under several qualifying criteria it is possible to be granted more funding than this. Under exceptional circumstances a full bursary may be considered.   Our funding panel will meet at the end of every month and if accepted, you will be invited to apply for a place on a future course.  The bursary places for each course are opened 2 months before the start of the course, at which point you can book your place.


Apply for a bursary for an 8-week Course through this Course Bursary Application Form. 

Apply for a bursary for our Breathworks Teacher Training or Mindfulness Facilitator Training through this Training Bursary Application Form.