Work. Flow.

Helping individuals bring the best of themselves to work

From humble beginnings to international recognition, Breathworks' mission is to bring mindfulness and compassion to people worldwide; regardless of their situation.

Mindfulness frees the mind from ruminative patterns that can lead to worry, depression and burn-out, and enables more intuitive and creative responses to life’s challenges.

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  • Our Impact


    Reduction in stress levels 
    sustained at 3 month follow-up 


    Improvement in quality of life, 
    sustained at 3-month follow-up


    Reduction in Sick Days (figure for 8-week mindfulness courses)

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  • Who we've helped

    “I feel a lot calmer inside. I’m now able to support others more effectively because I don’t get drawn into the detail of the stress... I’m more productive in the time that I have." - Civil Service Manager Read more

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