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Helping individuals bring the best of themselves to work

From humble beginnings to international recognition, Breathworks' mission is to bring mindfulness and compassion to people worldwide; regardless of their situation.

Mindfulness frees the mind from ruminative patterns that can lead to worry, depression and burn-out, and enables more intuitive and creative responses to life’s challenges.

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  • Our Impact


    Reduction in stress levels 
    sustained at 3 month follow-up 


    Improvement in quality of life, 
    sustained at 3-month follow-up


    Reduction in Sick Days (figure for 8-week mindfulness courses)

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  • Who we've helped

    “I feel a lot calmer inside. I’m now able to support others more effectively because I don’t get drawn into the detail of the stress... I’m more productive in the time that I have." - Civil Service Manager Read more



  • Working for a Mindful Organisation

    Nicola recently joined the Programme Team at Breathworks and wrote this lovely blog about her first day in the Breathworks office - and what a different experience it was to her career in the civil service! Read more

  • Three Essential Mindfulness Practices for Resilience

    We all have good days and bad days, usually determined by what’s happened to us. But what if we flipped the script and started relating to things differently? What if what made a day good or bad wasn’t so much about what happened to us as it was down to how we responded? Read more