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Programme Co-ordinator - Stanter Kandola Stanter Kandola, Programme Coordinator
Ginny Wall - Head of programmes Breathworks Mindfulness Ginny Wall, Head of Training
Vidyamala Burch, Creative Director and Co-Founder Vidyamala Burch, Creative Director and Co-Founder
Mindfulness in the Workplace Business development Manager - Colin Duff, Breathworks Colin Duff, Business & Research Manager
Mindfulness in the Workplace CEO Helen Sullivan - Breathworks Helen Sullivan, CEO
Mindfulness Charity The Breathworks Foundations Head of Development - Karunatara Rachel Green Karunatara Green, Business Development Manager
Mindfulness in the Workplace Marketing Coordinator Ollie Bray - Breathworks Ollie Bray, Marketing Coordinator
Karen Levin Partnerships manager - Mindfulness in the Workplace Breathworks Karen Levin, Partnerships Coordinator
Mindfulness in the Workplace Administrator Kinga Budziak - Breathworks Kinga Budziak, Administration
Sarasuvanna Teacher Training Administrator Breathworks Mindfulness Sarasuvanna Kaylor, Administration
Mindfulness Researcher Shannon Phillips Breathworks Foundation Shannon Phillips, Part-Time Researcher