Mindfulness for Health is an 8-week course that helps you better manage your pain and illness so you can live a fuller life.

The course is suitable for complete beginners, all the way through to experienced meditators. 

The course has been developed from pain research, an evidence-base and real, lived experience of managing a chronic condition, however the approach can be used for any level or experience of pain, illness and fatigue, whether intermittent or chronic. Mindfulness for Health has shown effectiveness in managing symptoms of muscular pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, M.E, long COVID and migraines among others.

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If pain and difficult symptoms have left you feeling desolate, there is hope for a better life. 

During the course, you will learn:

  • Simple yet life-changing techniques that you can apply right away to ease your pain and symptoms 

  • How to distinguish between pain (the unpleasant sensation) and suffering (the added layers of distress) so you can feel better physically AND emotionally

  • A self-management approach that gets your mind to work with you rather than against you when your body hurts

  • How to better cope with flare-ups and avoid a boom and bust cycle 

  • A deep understanding of mindfulness and its many benefits 

  • How to create a habit of daily meditation 

  • How to harness the power of your mind to enhance your everyday life 

  • How to feel more connected with others and why it’s important when you’re in pain and struggling

"I continue practicing meditation daily. Breathworks online course helped me tremendously when recovering from illness and accompanying anxiety. Firstly, it has calmed me down during the meditation, and I could always go back to even 5 minutes of meditation. Also, through the course I have discovered self-compassion, which was needed during my recovery. Thank you again for the opportunity to participate in the course".  

  - Course participant


This course will be held in-person at the West London Buddhist Centre.

Booking must be made through their website. Please see their event page for more. 

Event details



The West London Buddhist Centre
45a Porchester Rd

W2 5DP


Start: Tuesday, 17 Sept 2024, 

End: Tuesday, 5 Nov 2024

This 8-week course runs Tuesdays, 13.00-15.30 (GMT) 

Please note the Week 1 session is slightly longer and runs 13.00-16.00.
Each session includes a tea break.

Your Teacher

This session will be led by Breathworks teacher Sophie Matthew.

Sophie has been a fully accredited Mindfulness teacher for the past five years and has been practising mindfulness and meditation for the past nine. She has found this to be transformative in her own life, particularly in relation to stress and living with chronic pain, and is passionate about sharing its many deep benefits with others.

Sophie is an associate teacher for Breathworks and regularly teaches both Mindfulness for Stress and Mindfulness for Health courses at the West London Buddhist Centre, the Breathworks Centre of Excellence in London.

Sophie is also a Breathworks Supervisor. She also teaches MBSR, MBCT, MBCT for Life, Mindfulness in Schools Foundations and Nurturing Parents; Mindfulness Wellbeing for Parents courses.

Sophie very much enjoys working collaboratively and doing what she can to support others on their own unique and individual journeys with mindfulness.

Photo of Teacher Sophie Matthews

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