We try to schedule our online teacher training events such that they are accessible to as many time zones and schedules as possible.
If there are currently no events that suit your time zone and schedule, keep an eye on the upcoming events, and when we arrange our next set of teacher training events there may be an option that will work for you.

Another option is to do our Global Timezone option. This involves watching the recordings of the live sessions and having a one hour one-to-one personal session with a member of our training team to reflect on your learning during each week of the Teacher Training event. You and the trainer assigned to you will arrange five 1-hour one-to-one sessions to take place weekly at mutually convenient times via Zoom/Skype/phone. Please note that you will still need to watch all the recordings of the weekly Zoom sessions, as well as making posts in the course forums. So your overall personal learning time each week on this option will be:
  • 5-6 hours personal study
  • 3.5 hours watching recordings of live sessions
  • 1 hour one-to-one with trainer
The Global Timezone online fee is an additional £250 on top of the usual online fee, taking the overall online fee for people following this pathway up to the same price as a standard residential event.