The Mindfulness Facilitator Training is ideal if you are looking to incorporate mindfulness into your work, whether you are a therapist, counsellor, medical professional, or simply looking to help your team at work, or your friends and family, to reduce their stress and feel more calm. If you complete our Mindfulness Facilitator A & B modules, we will certify you as a Breathworks Mindfulness Facilitator. This training prepares you to lead six short mindfulness sessions based on the Breathworks approach, which you can offer as free-standing sessions or combine in different ways. We provide facilitator notes session plans for these six sessions.


If you want to become an accredited mindfulness teacher with the skills and knowledge to teach courses, workshops and meditations drawing from the Breathworks’ Mindfulness for Health and Mindfulness for Stress courses and overall approach, then the Full Breathworks Teacher Training is for you. This year-long, in-depth training gives you the confidence and ability to teach our 8-week courses and also adapt and draw from a plethora of content and practices to suit your own teaching context. Accredited Breathworks Teachers go on to teach mindfulness in a variety of settings such as schools, hospices, community centres, hospitals as well as some who run their own regular classes and retreats.  


If you successfully complete the full Breathworks teacher training (all modules in Stage 1 & 2 of the training programme) you are eligible to apply for accreditation as a Breathworks Mindfulness Teacher. 


Completion of Mindfulness Facilitator A & B modules counts towards Stage 1 of the full Breathworks teacher training, so you can build on it to become a Breathworks teacher when you’re ready.