Marketing, Comms and Research Officer

Shannon is the Marketing, Communications & Research Officer at Breathworks. She joined as an intern in 2017 during her Psychology degree and quickly became an essential part of the team. Shannon's role revolves around creative communication, using words and visuals to bring Breathworks' mission to life. She raises awareness of the organisation and its goal to alleviate suffering from pain, illness, and stress. As the Community Manager, Shannon curates content, resources, and events for the Community of Practice. Shannon oversees the strategy on Breathworks social platforms, adding her creative flair and strategic-thinking to campaigns.

Shannon bridges the Research and Marketing teams, ensuring data is effectively used to demonstrate the impact of Breathworks programs and courses.

For Shannon, her mindfulness journey has led to significant personal growth. Her strong work ethic means that dropping into being mode doesn’t always come naturally to her. However, her diligence with her practice has made her become more self-aware and understanding as a person. 

Shannon loves working for Breathworks because it’s supportive of her challenges with M.E / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It allows her to improve the lives of others and work with people that she cares for deeply.

Shannon loves exploring local markets, travelling on a budget, and pet-sitting in different locations.