Partnerships Coordinator

Since joining Breathworks in 2017, Karen has contributed to the team in various roles across Admin and Partnerships. As Partnership Coordinator, she is responsible for developing Breathworks workplace relationships with health sector organizations to improve the wellbeing of their staff and patients.

Karen also works operationally on grant-funded projects and partnerships to help share mindfulness in community settings. Her work is all about building meaningful relationships with providers and funders, and helping Breathworks grow its reach to benefit as many people as possible who are struggling with pain, illness and stress. 

Karen discovered mindfulness in the early 2000, when she came across Buddhism. Somewhere along the way she became aware of her tendency to push away painful experiences, and realized that this would never make her happy, as the world is characterized by change.  Practising mindfulness helps Karen to keep perspective, suffer less and be more open-hearted.

Doing work that aligns with her values is very important to Karen and is why she is so appreciative of working for Breathworks where she says ‘the work we do makes an actual difference in the world’. Karen continues this outside of her work for Breathworks as part of a team teaching Buddhism in Scarborough where she is based.