Events and Systems Coordinator

After joining Breathworks as a volunteer in the Marketing Department in 2017, Kinga is now our Events and Systems Coordinator. Often the first point of contact for people arriving at Breathworks, Kinga is the friendly face who takes care of bookings and logistics on courses and events. As Systems Coordinator, she organises and manages development projects and finds ways to use digital technology more effectively.

Working for Breathworks means that Kinga is able to live her dream of working for a small organisation that makes a difference in the lives of others and being a part of it’s growth. She cherishes the meaningful connections that she has with those she makes contact with, particularly when hearing stories of how someone’s well being has improved because of Breathworks’ approach to mindfulness. It is important to Kinga to know that Breathworks is a catalyst for personal growth and new life pathways.

Kinga has a love for exploring new places and cultures, she became a digital nomad in 2022 and works from many destinations, making the rest of the Breathworks team very jealous as she joins meetings from her various exciting locations, from Poland to the Canary Islands. As well as a love of travel, she enjoys latin dancing and hiking.