Anjali has been a Breathworks Mindfulness trainer since 2010 and a Mindfulness practitioner since 2003 when she commenced her spiritual training as a Buddhist. A keen artist and dance practitioner, Anjali enjoys the growing ease and challenges of continually deepening her practice of Mindfulness though the arts, and regularly attending both secular and spiritual based Mindfulness retreats. Her sixteen years as a nurse practitioner and manager means she enjoys facilitating courses and workshops in various environments. Anjali also enjoys working with both teams, individuals, and all age groups.      


  • Breathworks Mindfulness teacher (2010)
  • Breathworks Supervisor (2017)
  • Breathworks Teacher Trainer (2017)
  • Breathworks Mentor (2018)
  • Bowen Technique Therapist (2014)

Teaching Specialisms

  • Pain and Stress management
  • Social Empowerment groups
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Team Management and Leadership
  • Rehabilitation of Long Term Health / Pain conditions (including mental health)
  • Sports Injury
  • Phantom Pain
  • Working with overseas staff
  • Co-orporate, NHS and individual working environments

Supervision Experience

  • Clinical Supervisor in NHS for 16 years
  • Supervising with Mindfulness for 1 year
  • Health and Stress management courses for eight years
  • Mindfulness Drop-in Sessions for eight years


Nature in the cityscape, going into the wilds in the UK and overseas, painting, sketching, creative writing, dance as meditation practice. various sitting meditation practices, the human experience, yoga, swimming.

Personal Practice

  • Daily meditation practice (fourteen years)
  • Daily yoga practice (ten years)
  • Reflection practice (fourteen years) 
  • Study & personal development  

Cities located: Manchester, London, Birmingham

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