Do you want to share the transformative benefits of mindfulness with others?

Are you looking to embark on a rewarding path that gives back?

Are you ready to commit to embodying more awareness, compassion and resilience in your daily life?

Our Teacher Training equips you with the Breathworks approach to mindfulness for pain, illness and stress, giving you the skills and confidence to teach life-changing skills to those who need it. 

Why become a mindfulness teacher with Breathworks? Experienced trainer leading a mindfulness training

  • Gain a qualification from a globally recognised and British Association of Mindfulness-Based Approaches (BAMBA) approved training provider which has been training teachers since 2005.

  • Learn to teach a dual approach to mindfulness. As well as supporting people with stress, you’ll learn to deliver transformative tools for managing chronic pain and health conditions, which affect one third of the world’s population.

  • Learn how to adapt your content and teaching for different settings and contexts.

  • Our programmes are backed by research and clinical trials, and our approach is practical and accessible.

  • Our emphasis on Compassion runs through our training programme and the way we support our students.

  • Benefit from experiential and hands on learning with support from an assigned mentor through your mindfulness journey.

About The Breathworks Teacher Training

Our in-depth Teacher Training gives you the knowledge and confidence to teach a Mindfulness for Health and Mindfulness for Stress approach, as well as the ability to adapt your teaching to different settings and contexts. 

Undertaking the Breathworks Teacher Training will enable you to: 

  • Learn powerful practices, for yourself and others, that can transform stress, anxiety and pain.

  • Learn fundamental teaching competencies, including incorporating diversity and inclusion in your teaching and maintaining good practice conduct.

  • Learn to lead meditations with confidence in your own authentic way.

  • Learn how to support people through their own meditation and mindfulness practice.

  • Learn to teach mindful movement, a moving meditation practice suitable for all ages and those with limited mobility.

  • Learn from an evidence-based approach, and a teaching style that is practical and accessible.

  • Learn to truly embody mindfulness in your teaching and daily life.

  • Learn in a friendly, welcoming environment with a community of fellow trainees around the world.

Through all of the rich skills above and your continued engagement with the Breathworks community and development opportunities, you will develop a degree of mastery in sharing the Breathworks approach with others.

Accredited Breathworks Teachers go on to run their own regular classes, courses and retreats and teach mindfulness in workplaces, schools, healthcare settings, community centres, and more.

As an accredited Breathworks Teacher, you can enjoy:

  • Approval to become a registered mindfulness teacher with BAMBA, the UK’s primary professional body of mindfulness teachers (once you have led two Breathworks courses, including your practice course).

  • Benefit from being part of the Breathworks Teachers community, with annual meet-ups and an dedicated online space for sharing ideas and advice. 

  • Use of the Breathworks Accredited Teachers logo for your marketing. 

"When I decided I wanted to do mindfulness training, Breathworks was the obvious choice

I’d heard excellent things about the training and the trainers, and trusted the depth of their practice.

The training more than met my expectations, and I made connections with people who were on the course that continue today.’’

- Annie Leatt, South Africa

Breathworks Teacher Training Pathway 

Designed to be flexible and accessible, our training pathway is made up of two stages with six modules to build your experience, skillset and confidence in teaching.

Modules can be taken at your own pace, with options for taking them online or in-person. 

The minimum time required to complete the training is one year, however you can choose to take modules spread out across a longer period, should you wish to. 

If you haven’t completed a meditation retreat, you can still begin the training, but before you get your accreditation as a meditation teacher, you will need to have completed a meditation retreat (check our FAQs for info about meeting this retreat requirement). This doesn’t necessarily need to be with Breathworks.

Stage 1 

Stage 1 modules can be taken in any order. Once all have been completed, you are able to move onto Stage 2 of the Training.  

Stage 1 diagram of the Breathworks Teacher Training Pathway

Stage 1 includes the following modules:

  • Going Deeper: A course to take your practice deeper with guidance from a personal mentor, group sessions and self-study.

  • Mindfulness Facilitator: Learn to lead short meditation practices and facilitate brief mindfulness sessions that you can use right away.

  • Teaching Skills: A module to hone your skills essential for teaching mindfulness, including reflective enquiry, supporting adult learners and inclusive teaching practice.


Stage 2 

In Stage 2, you will build on your foundations as you work towards a qualification as a Breathworks Teacher.

You can complete Stage 2 modules in any order except the practice course, which is the last step on your pathway. 

Stage 2 diagram of Breathworks Teacher Training Pathway

Stage 2 includes the following modules:

  • Mindful Movement: Learn the Breathworks approach to mindful movement, and delve into considerations for teaching this core part of the Breathworks approach.

  • Advanced Teacher Training (TTa): This module is essential in becoming fully familiar with our Mindfulness for Health and Mindfulness for Stress courses and how to teach them. A prerequisite in order to take this module is a meditation practice of more than 12 months. We also ask that there is a 6-month gap between the start of your Mindfulness Facilitator A module and the start of your TTa to allow time for self-practice and your learning to settle. As part of your TTa, you will get the opportunity to support a Breathworks course alongside an experienced Teacher. This might involve, for example, looking after online tech support, taking part in enactments and supporting course participants.

  • Lead a Practice Course: The final step in your Training Pathway will bring together everything you have learned as you embark on leading your own Breathworks 8-week course. This includes the guidance of your supervisor with one-to-one feedback and calls through your course to support you (this step must be completed last in your training).


Digram of full Teacher Training Pathway


We offer Stage 1 and Stage 2 as bundles at a discounted price with payment plans. You can also choose to pay for modules individually as you work your way through them. See more on our fees

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