We’re really pleased to announce the launch of applications to our 2023 Breathworks Programme of Project Seed Funding. The Breathworks Foundation, in collaboration with Hart Knowe Trust, is providing a small amount of funding, to invest in innovative projects, being run by our accredited teachers and that will bring mindfulness to underserved communities.  

The funding is prioritised for projects at proof-of-concept stage, in other words, projects that would find it difficult to raise funds from other sources without completing this proof-of-concept work.  

In the past we have provided funding for projects that have helped bring Breathworks courses to staff and volunteers supporting refugees in the UK, to a hospice in Hereford and to people living with the grief of baby loss in Oldham. 

If this sounds right for you, you can complete the application form. The deadline for applications is 31.08.2023 and decisions will be made by the end of September.

We are likely to fund 3-5 projects with typical awards up to £1000 each.  

If you have any questions or want to learn more, you can contact the Breathworks CEO at [email protected].

We look forward to seeing your ideas and applications!