Vidyamala and Singhashri (Breathworks Programme Director) have just returned from a week in Spain. Whilst there they led a retreat hosted by Dharmakirti Zuazquita - the founder of the Spanish arm of Breathworks, known as 'Respira Vida'.

The retreat was on 'The Buddhist Roots of Breathworks' and focused mainly on the Satipatthana Sutta, widely considered to be the core root text on mindfulness from the Buddhist tradition, and the Four Brahma Viharas, or Divine Abodes, the roots of compassion practices.

25 of us gathered at the Casa Betania in the Sierra Calderona near Valencia. It was a beautiful location to host such an event and the atmosphere was very warm and positive. Dharmakirti is doing a great job of establishing Respira Vida Breathworks and there are now 11 teachers working across Spain. He also visits Argentina and Mexico and is building activities in both these countries. 

After the retreat ended Vidyamala did a book launch of her first book, Living Well with Pain and Illness, that has been released in Spanish by the Editoria Kairos publishing house. 

Agustin Paniker came from Barcelona from the event which was very well attended. There is a lot of interest in mindfulness in the Spanish speaking world that Respira Vida Breathworks is responding to in a variety of ways. 

All in all it was a very satisfying and inspiring trip.