I have suffered a lot of trauma and tragedy in my life and following this, I was diagnosed with depression and traits of an emotional unstable personality disorder. After a 20 year journey of having different therapies along the way, I received the gift of Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT); this was life changing for me in terms of how I started to see life and it enabled me to start moving forward, accepting and wanting to be myself.

I have been in recovery now for nearly five years and once I reached this stage, I was curious about learning more about compassion. I wanted to understand the foundations of this and where this concept comes from. This led me to the Manchester Buddhist Centre (MBC) where I embarked upon a foundation course and whilst I was there, I noticed a poster advertising Breathworks and their teacher training programme. I felt drawn towards this and it felt right for me to learn this as I touched upon mindfulness in CFT and after all, it was compassion that helped me get to recovery.  So seeing that the Breathworks approach is built upon compassion too made my heart smile and I found myself on this journey of embodying compassion more so as another way of giving this gift of compassion that I have received to other human beings.

As a pre-requisite to do this teaching training, I needed to complete an 8-week Mindfulness for Stress Course and this has been more transformational for me. 

I am alive to life; I understand myself more in terms of: habitual ways of thinking and feeling as well as how this impacts me as a human being. 

Breathworks are built upon compassion too (which was another reason why I wanted to train with this beautiful training provider) and this truly shines through in all the courses and meditation practices that are provided. This has not only helped me in terms of understanding mindfulness but has helped me build a more compassionate self.

I have continued my practice of mindfulness and meditation since completing this course and I seem to keep growing, as being mindful has given me a choice in terms of how I show up in the world, not only to myself but to others.

This is going to be a challenge for me as I have done the Yorkshire Three Peaks in the day before but not at night! I am a Type 1 Diabetic too so lots of monitoring will be needed along the way but knowing why I am doing this and with the support from the lovely human beings around me, I know I’ll get through it :)

So here I am, wanting to raise money for The Breathworks Foundation so that they can offer bursaries to those who would like to attend their courses too but need financial support to help them do so.

It would be lovely if you could help support me in doing this by donating whatever you can. I am passionate about breaking down those barriers that people face in financial difficulty so that they too can have the opportunity that I’ve had with the beauty of this practice.

Nadia Miller

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