Updated 25.01.24

The Breathworks Community of Practice has been created to provide a safe online space in which people can connect and support each other with their mindfulness practice and stay up to date with the latest news and events offered within Breathworks. 

We need your help to keep Breathworks Community of Practice the warm and inviting space that it is. By joining the Community of Practice, you agree to adhere to the following guidelines: 

  1. You must be aged 18+ to use this platform.

  2. Promotion or advertisement of non-Breathworks, non-moderated events is not permitted. Exceptions include: 

    • Events that have been pre-approved by Breathworks (including fundraisers - please contact us if you would like to organise something). 

    • Members on the Breathworks Teacher Training pathway advertising for participants to join their official practice course. This must only be published within the BW Teachers, Facilitators & Trainees group.

    • Members posting within their live course cohort discussion board for ad-hoc meet-ups (e.g. Jo Bloggs is part of the January Mindfulness for Health course and wants to continue practising with their course group.)

    • Group hangouts organised by official Group Hosts, e.g. book-club meet-ups.

  1. Posts that include the following content/themes are not permitted

    • Adult content (e.g. nudity or sexualised content)

    • Exploitation of people or animals

    • Hateful activities (e.g. discrimination, mocking beliefs, supporting hate groups)

    • Misinformation (e.g. damaging misinformation & incorrect medical information)

    • Harassment & bullying (e.g. sexual remarks, unsolicited direct contact, name-calling)

    • Self-injury & harmful behaviour (e.g. suicidal thinking & quotes, self-harm instructions)

    • Weapons & violence (e.g. photos of knives, disturbing scenes)

  1. Do not post song lyrics, as this is an infringement of copyright. 

  2. Any poetry that is shared must abide by copyright regulations. A maximum of 25% of the poem can be shared, alongside the title and author of the poem. Poetry that has entered the public domain (i.e. if 70 years have passed since the poet's death) can be shared freely and in full.

  3. Take responsibility for personal safety. Many individuals will arrive at the Community of Practice with the aim to use mindfulness as a support for managing ongoing pain, chronic illness and other mental and physical health conditions. At Breathworks, we offer mindfulness as a support and not a cure or alternative treatment to existing medical care.

    Ideas around health management may be shared, however we ask that members find what works for them, and always work with a healthcare professional before making any significant lifestyle or medication changes.

By adhering to the guidelines above, you are helping Breathworks to ensure the Community of Practice continues to run as a safe and freely accessible space for all.