Why mindful & compassionate leadership?

This practical career development course is for professionals who are stepping up in their roles or seasoned middle managers looking to evolve their skills and capabilities. Across 6 weeks, you will build on your mindfulness and compassion practice to develop life-long tools to support your development as a mindful, resilient and focused leader. You will also learn how to effectively self-resource to support your wellbeing - inside and outside the workplace.


How can I stay resilient and calm in a high-pressure environment? How can I lead and motivate a team who is also feeling worn out? What can I do now to prevent burnout in the future?

Workplaces are currently experiencing the highest rate of burnout in history. Based on numerous research studies into the benefits of compassion and mindfulness in leadership roles, this practical career development course will provide you with the opportunity to develop the qualities and skills you need to self-resource for the future.

Weekly interactive sessions are led by Breathworks teacher Annika Wager, an experienced Programme Manager with over 20 years of experience in the private and public sector. Annika will guide you through a foundation of tools and skills that can help you to become a more mindful and compassionate leader. From learning how to effectively pace your capacity to prevent overwhelm and burnout, to identifying different facets of emotional intelligence to build strong communication skills and leadership within a team.

What will I learn?

In this training, you will build on core mindfulness and compassion practices that will lay the foundations for managing teams in challenging and high stress environments.

By attending this course you will learn: 

  • Tools to self-resource: how to sustain yourself in the face of daily stressors and challenges
  • How to pace yourself and conserve energy in fast-paced work environments
  • How to manage burnout: skills of pacing and learning to thrive rather than survive 
  • Harness and develop your emotional intelligence: how to relate to peers, and form trust and respect with juniors 
  • Enhance communication skills: heighten self-awareness and develop your deep listening 
  • Learning to respond rather than react in challenging situations (for better decision making)
  • Using the breath and body awareness to transform stress
  • How to harness your focus and concentration for more effective work

Who is this for?

Leaders and managers who have a mindfulness practice (who either meditate regularly or have attended a mindfulness course previously), who are looking to build on their existing mindfulness and compassion skills and bring them more fully into the workplace

We also run this course for beginners on a commissioned basis for organisations and teams. Please contact [email protected] to speak to our Workplace Team to find out more. 

Course format

  • 12 hours of teacher led training, held over 6 sessions on Zoom
  • Digital resources provided in a virtual learning environment with lifetime access
  • Course topics:


    Session Focus

    Session 1

    Introduction to mindful awareness in leadership and the workplace.

    Session 2

    Working skilfully with thoughts.

    Session 3

    Mindful strategies to work with challenges.

    Session 4

    The value, challenges and cultivation of compassion in the workplace.

    Session 5

    Mindful communication.

    Session 6

    Recap, consolidation and looking ahead.

What you will get with the course

  • A balance of teaching, mindfulness practices, questions, reflection and discussion with other leaders across sectors
  • Teaching and practices to take with you for a lifetime
  • An experienced mindfulness trainer and leadership coach to answer your questions and address difficulties every week 


“The Breathworks course was probably the single most influential ‘training’ I have ever received. From both a professional and personal development perspective it helped me become a more mindful and compassionate leader.  By truly bringing awareness to situations, the course instilled in me a greater ability to cultivate patience and understanding. I became less reactive and more responsive and with that came less stress. Organisationally the benefits were tangible in terms of bringing people together to work through challenging situations with a sense of calm and positivity.”

- Sally Jones, former COO / Deputy CEO, Gambling Commission

About the Trainer

Mindfulness in the Workplace Associate Annika - BreathworksAnnika Wager

Breathworks teacher Annika has been teaching mindfulness for 8 years. Her particular interest in relational mindfulness for leaders and career development stemmed from her own personal experience of managing multi-disciplinary teams and clients in a high-pressure role as a pan-European Programme Manager for 20 years.

Annika’s passion and commitment for integrating mindfulness into workplaces inspired her to co-design the Compassionate Leadership course. Through her teaching, she aims to pass on the skills that dramatically transformed her wellbeing; including learning how to manage stress and pressure when working in challenging environments, how to respond rather than react to unfolding situations and finding the headspace to lead and manage remote teams and improve team performance.

Annika works with individuals and organisations in the public and private sectors and has taught the workforce in the NHS, prisons, police departments and schools. 

Why Breathworks?

Breathworks has been teaching mindfulness and compassion for 20 years; our Mindfulness for Stress and Mindfulness for Pain Management courses have reached over 100,000 people including many health professionals in the NHS and care services. Breathworks’ resources have been endorsed by the British Medical Association and the Reading Well Books on Prescription scheme. Our partners include Manchester Health & Care Commissioning and Manchester City Council, Barts Health, Royal Liverpool, Google, GSK, Deloitte, Accenture, Charity for Civil Servants and Macmillan Education.



Days and Times

Booking Link

1 November - 6 December 2022

Tuesdays, 1pm - 3pm (GMT)

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Individual Price 


Organisation Price

For organisations who are booking on  behalf of their team (cost is for one person)


SME / Third Sector Organisation Price


Bursary places

See below for more

Bursary Eligibility 

Breathworks is a charitable organisation with a mission to make the benefits of mindfulness accessible to everyone. To help remove barriers for people in financial hardship, we offer a limited number of bursary places on our courses. We ask you to consider how much you are able to fund yourself. Subject to available funds, our charitable fund will cover the remainder of the course fee. For the Compassionate Leadership course we are offering places to those who are limited financially*, who work within disadvantaged groups and who can show areas of leadership within their community. If you think you are a fit, please contact [email protected] to tell us why. 

*As a guide, those with an income of less than £18,500 a year (or less than £24,000 if you live in London).

Cancellation Terms for Compassionate Leadership Training

The following proportion of your fee will be refundable if you cancel your place on the event:

  • Up to four weeks before the event you will receive a refund of any course fees paid, less a £15 admin fee.
  • Up to two weeks before the event and a substitute can be found, you will receive a refund of any course fees paid less a £15 admin fee. Unfortunately, if a substitute cannot be found we cannot refund any of the fees paid.
  • If cancelled within two weeks of the start of date we cannot refund any of the fees paid.
  • Refunds will not be given after the course has commenced eg if you decide to leave the course early.