He is the founder and director of "Respira Vida Breathworks" (www.respiravida.net), based in Spain.

Dharmakirti has trained with Breathworks since 2007. He has taught the standard 8 week MBPM programe all over the world, and led health professionals workshops and teacher training retreats during the last 10 years to several hundred people in Spain, England, Portugal, México and Argentina.

In 2012 he started running a Spanish language based "Respira Vida Breathworks teacher training programe".

Dharmakirti has been practicing Mindfulness and compassion on a daily basis since 2001, and is an ordained member of the Triratna Buddhist Order, an international network dedicated to communicating Buddhist values in ways appropriate to the modern world.

He has led and attended more than 60 mindfulness and compassion retreats. He is an accredited Ontologic Coach and co-creator of two "8 weeks programes": Mindfulness Based Communication & Relationship (MBCR) and "Transforming arrows into flowers".

He is co-founder of Meditation and Science Association. And teacher of the Master of Mindfulness of the University of Zaragoza and Bodhiyoga Mindfulness Yoga School.