As part of our accreditation requirements, you must attend at least one 4 - 5 day long meditation retreat per year. This can be broken down into 1, 2 or 3 day events if you have caring responsibilities or health needs. This can be a Breathworks event, although it doesn't need to be. This retreat experience deepens your own practice, providing more space and stillness for the fullness of your experience to emerge.  This can be residential or online, be teacher led and include significant periods of silence.

Retreats allow a deeper sense of stillness and silence, providing more space to be with the fullness of your experience as it's emerging. This kind of space is difficult to find in our day to day lives, which is why retreats are so critical for mindfulness teachers. If your life circumstances (for example, raising young children or caring for an elderly parent) make it difficult for you to meet this expectation, please contact the office so we can discuss your options.