The Breathworks Foundation

Mindfulness and compassion for pain, stress and illness - helping people reclaim their lives

The Breathworks Foundation was established in 2009 to ensure that mindfulness and compassion training is available to everyone, regardless of circumstances. It brings to life the vision of Vidyamala Burch, Breathworks Co-Founder, who passionately believes that no person or community should be excluded from Breathworks training programmes and courses simply through financial or personal hardship. This is based on her experience of living with severe pain and disability all her adult life.  

Take Back Your Life

The Take Back Your Life project is a modified version of the Breathworks Mindfulness for Health course for those with low literacy levels or those who aren't fluent in English. Outcomes from the pilot scheme have been amazing and further courses are being developed and delivered, thanks to the 2019 seed funding.


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The Breathworks Foundation and St. Michael's Hospice - A Successful Partnership based on Community Values

Born out of a shared objective to serve the community, the partnership between The Breathworks Foundation and St. Michael’s Hospice has flourished since the initial vision in 2015 to create a regional mindfulness centre of excellence in Herefordshire.


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Living with and beyond cancer with mindfulness - A feasibility research study

Is delivering a mindfulness course to people with cancer feasible, acceptable and of any benefit? That was the question asked when preliminary meetings in a collaboration between Breathworks, Maggie’s Cancer Centres, and the Health Psychology Department, University of Manchester, began in December 2016.


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Breathworks Spreads to Poland

Breathworks Teacher Dawid, who received a teacher training bursary, talks about how this enabled him to spread the Breathworks approach to Poland by teaching courses in Kraków.


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Dharmakirti takes Breathworks to the Spanish speaking world

In 2004 Dharmakirti, a yoga and meditation practitioner of eight years, took his skills to a huge prison in Valencia, Spain, to help prisoners find ways to ease their suffering. However, he soon realised meditation on its own wasn’t enough — the prisoners were also seeking ways to deepen their understanding of life and connect more. What else could he offer with a wider perspective?


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