The Breathworks Foundation

Making mindfulness accessible

We are a registered charity, with a mission is to make mindfulness accessible to everyone. Being an organisation that gives back has been important to us from the very beginning. Our Founder Vidyamala was living on benefits for many years before she was able to secure funding through a disability grant to start Breathworks. We know that many who benefit the most from our services are least able to afford it, so we are committed to help those in need through bursaries, scholarships, free resources and other funding initiatives.

Support us today.

On Tuesday 29th August, I am having my head shaved and I'm donating my hair (about 21") to The Little Princess Trust. They provide real hair wigs for young people who have lost their hair from cancer treatment or other health conditions like Alopecia.

If you are able to show your support and make a donation, no matter how small, to the Breathworks Community of Practice, then you'll enable me to help two charities in one. Certainly worth having all my hair shaved off for! ūüėɂ̧ԳŹūüôŹ‚ú®

Barb Penrose