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We are a registered charity, with a mission is to make mindfulness accessible to everyone. Being an organisation that gives back has been important to us from the very beginning. Our Founder Vidyamala was living on benefits for many years before she was able to secure funding through a disability grant to start Breathworks. We know that many who benefit the most from our services are least able to afford it, so we are committed to help those in need through bursaries, scholarships, free resources and other funding initiatives.

Support us today.

Hi everyone,
I'm holding this fundraiser, "Poetry Fest 2023", to raise much needed funds for Breathworks. Join us online via Zoom, on Saturday 8th July, from 18:30 - 20:00 UK time.

Why I'm Fundraising for Breathworks

Breathworks are a charitable organisation to whom I feel immense gratitude, for helping me equip myself with the skills of self compassion and mindfulness, which have enabled me to flourish in the face of adversity.. namely living with chronic, post surgical back pain and neuropathy. No longer do I feel so hopeless and isolated but empowered and excited by the prospect of teaching mindfulness and compassion to others.

When lockdown hit, Breathworks moved online and I got to know some fantastic people through their Community of Practice. Within this platform, Breathworks host a Managing Pain & Illness group, which is facilitated by co-founder, Vidyamala Burch. Outside of Breathworks-led events within this group, I have enjoyed initiating online get-togethers in-between to help keep up that sense of support & connection (we warmly call ourselves the Mpigs as an abbreviation for the group). There is such a wealth of creativity and artistic expression within this group, many of whom can no longer work or participate in the normal activities of daily life.

 Pictured above: Beautiful collage with the words "Hope" and Rest", an example of the creativity within our community

What is Poetry Fest 2023?

Living with chronic pain, illness and long-term health conditions can be incredibly isolating. Poetry Fest 2023 will give these people an opportunity to share their poetry, and in doing so, an insight into their lived experience.

I'm hoping the poems will come in all shapes and sizes from the hard hitting, to the exquisitely mindful.. to the darn right outrageous and silly! One thing's for sure, it promises to be an illuminating evening and one which will hopefully inspire all who face life changing challenges, to nurture their precious creativity and their own unique artistic voice and in so doing, feel seen and validated.

Any donation you can manage, however large or small, would be very much appreciated and help Breathworks continue with their amazing work. So, finally.. a heartfelt and massive thank you, for taking the time to read this and (with everything crossed) for donating

Joining Details

Saturday 8th July 2023
18:30 - 20:00 UK time
Meeting ID: 897 7976 2885


Katie Forster