The Breathworks Foundation

Making mindfulness accessible

We are a registered charity, with a mission is to make mindfulness accessible to everyone. Being an organisation that gives back has been important to us from the very beginning. Our Founder Vidyamala was living on benefits for many years before she was able to secure funding through a disability grant to start Breathworks. We know that many who benefit the most from our services are least able to afford it, so we are committed to help those in need through bursaries, scholarships, free resources and other funding initiatives.

Support us today.

The Breathworks Foundation recognises that it is very often the people who are most in need of mindfulness and compassion training who are the least able to pay for and access it. I am a passionate supporter of the Breathworks Foundation and want to help them raise funds to award scholarships and bursaries to people experiencing financial hardship. This means they are able to attend Breathworks courses and Teacher Training to learn vital life-changing skills.

Please give a donation instead of a birthday gift.

Breathworks Foundation have gratefully provided one full bursary for Shahahaz Haque- who will be our first Bangladeshi Breathworks-Mindfulness / Take Back Your life teacher.  Your gift will enable a bursary for another teacher from a marginalised group to be trained to share this programme.

I finished my training with Breathworks as a Mindfulness and Pain Management teacher in 2017.

Since that time I have had the pleasure of co-creating the Take Back Your Life - Community Mindfulness and Pain Management program with the lovely and hugely talented Kalyanavaca Fowler.

I’ve been hugely grateful to partner with Globe Community Project, Tower Hamlets Council, Breathworks-Mindfulness, Cranbrook Community centre, Poplar Harca, Breathing Space at the London Buddhist Centre, West London Buddhist Centre - Breathworks Centre of Excellence, to name a few.

Particular thanks to Kalyanavaca, Hayley, Padmalila, Jeannette, Tessa, Esther, Shannon, Colin and so many many more wonderful people…including all our amazing “Take Back Your Lifers”

Tareshvari Robinson