Training Manager

Joanna is Training Manager at Breathworks, where she manages the Teacher Training and Facilitator Training programmes. With four years of experience at Breathworks, Joanna manages the programme and guides students through their training journey, as well as planning the training programme and taking care of bursary applications.

Formerly based in the Manchester office, Joanna embraced remote work in 2020, travelling in a campervan with her son. Despite the distance, she remains connected to the team through technology. 

Joanna's mindfulness journey began in 2007 during a transformative sailing experience, leading her to integrate mindfulness into her daily life and find newfound presence and understanding.

Working for Breathworks brings Joanna joy as she witnesses the positive impact of their courses and the accessibility of their teacher training program through bursaries. Outside of work, Joanna pursues her passions for dance, movement practices, breathing exercises, unschooling advocacy, creative writing, hiking, and cooking vegan meals. She is a qualified Journalist but chose a different path due to her aversion to the media.