Finance Officer

As the Finance Officer, Karunavajri oversees the Breathworks’ accounting and financing. As the Finance Officer, Karunavajri oversees the administration of Breathworks’ accounts and financial systems. She also works on preparing financial reports for the organisation's planning for the year ahead. 

Karunavajri is one of Breathworks’ longest standing employees, starting in a part-time role in 2006. She was drawn to the mission of helping people living with pain, illness and stress, and being part of that vision alongside a supportive team has deepened her affection for Breathworks.

Mindfulness helped her through a difficult time in her life and has helped her to live in a kinder way with the stresses and strains of daily life as well as appreciating the beauty of other people and the world we inhabit. Her mindfulness journey began in 1999 when she tried a few classes at the Manchester Buddhist Centre. Since then she has attended meditation retreats and worked in various organisations associated with the Centre. 

Outside of work, Karunavajri has a wide range of interests including history, science, space and getting out into nature. Her mindfulness tip to others is to always take each moment as it comes and to respond to oneself and others in a warm and kind way.