Training Coordinator

Lindsay joined the Breathworks team in May 2023. Her role involves everything from corresponding with people interested in starting their training journey to sending off the official accredited teacher certificates. 

Lindsay was introduced to mindfulness through the University of Manchester's wellness program and initially sought it as a stress management tool during her university years. However, she has since discovered its efficacy in addressing long-term pain and as a supplement to her embodiment practice. 

Lindsay finds great joy in working for Breathworks, where a friendly and dedicated team collaborates towards shared goals. She particularly appreciates the mindfulness focus which enables the team to excel professionally while authentically sharing personal experiences to support each other. 

Lindsay has been based in Manchester since 2014. She is an accomplished musician and songwriter with a lifelong passion for music; she thrives on creating and sharing her artistic expressions. Knitting is another creative pursuit that she recently added to her repertoire.