Guided by Vidyamala Burch, Breathworks co-founder and internationally renowned specialist in mindfulness for pain, this 10-day course provides multiple tools to help you free your mind, even if your body is hurting. Immensely practical, you will learn a variety of mindfulness methods and approaches to reduce your suffering and get your life back on track.

Even if you are not suffering from a pain or health condition, this course is the perfect introduction to mindfulness and compassion as powerful tools for increasing well-being and reducing suffering.

Each day includes a talk and a guided meditation and takes about 15 minutes per day. You can listen to the meditations anywhere, any time. 

COST: $9.99 (approx. £8.30)

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"Vidyamala’s course is easily one of the most profoundly helpful learning experiences I’ve ever had. The pain I have experienced on a long term, daily basis has not changed; however my relationship with and my thoughts, feelings and actions regarding that pain have changed. 

I welcomed taking this course shortly before a surgery in September. I listened to and practiced lessons several times in preparation and felt confident. 

The moment the nerve block wore off in the hospital and pain was extreme, I remembered what I had learned. Words and phrases from Vidyamala’s lessons flowed into me, and I knew I could manage, 'moment by moment,' by 'leaning into the pain,' 'resting back,' and most helpful by being gentle and focusing on my 'kindly breath.'

While my first 'test' of the course content was post surgery, learners will find that they can successfully apply lessons learned to their daily lives. I’ll be having surgery again in a couple of weeks, and I’ve just completed listening to all 10 lessons again, but I’ve implemented course content into daily life. 

Vidyamala well knows her subject matter and exudes compassion. I highly recommend her course". 

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