Discover our life-changing 8-week Mindfulness for Health course at your own pace with this online self-study course.

Find out more about the content of the Mindfulness for Health course here.

The material is laid out week by week to lead you through the course at your own pace, in the form of:

  • Videos
  • Audio recordings and talks
  • Guided meditations
  • Written instructions, guidance, and reflections

You can access this material on our online learning platform at any time, from anywhere in the world, on PC, tablet, or smartphone.

You will also have unlimited access to the materials, so you can revisit the content and practices as often as you want.

What’s the difference between this course and our Teacher-led Mindfulness for Health courses?

This course contains the same material as our regular teacher-led online courses, but without the live sessions and without the forums to discuss the practice with your fellow course attendees.

Also please note that this self-study course does not count as a pre-requisite for our teacher training programme, for which you must complete a teacher-led group course with us.

How Do I Take Part?

Watch, listen to and read learning materials for each week - at a time that suits you.

Practise with the meditations - 10 minutes twice a day, for six out of seven days, over the eight weeks of the course.

Explore the mindfulness in daily life practice each week - this is all about building up our own mindfulness 'rhythm' in our everyday lives.

Do a 'habit releaser' practice each week - these are very brief, often fun practices that help release us from unhelpful ways of being, and introduce a bit of mindful awareness through our days.

How Can I Deepen My Learning?

Why not keep a journal while you are doing this course - jot down notes and reflections on what you are noticing in your practice, any challenges that you're meeting, 'aha' moments and things you might want to revisit.

If you'd like to chat to others about your experiences as you work with the Breathworks practices, why not join our online Community of Practice and share with other practitioners there? You could also join our fortnightly live online community practice sessions to help keep your practice up with a community of like-minded people.


The price of the course is £98.

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