Are you looking to maintain and deepen your mindfulness practice? Perhaps you have completed an 8-week mindfulness course and are looking for something to continue with, or you are a hoping to refresh your practice with some expert guidance.

This 30-day self-guided course, created by Breathworks Founders Vidyamala Burch OBE and Sona Fricker, is designed to help you dive deeper into the benefits of mindfulness and compassion with a refresh of the foundations and new layers of wisdom.


  • Refresh your meditation practice with short lessons designed to drop wisdom into your day 
  • Go deeper on your mindfulness journey 
  • Learn from experienced mindfulness practitioners & meditators
  • Learn and refresh yourself on themes, from body and breath awareness, relaxation, compassion, mindfulness in daily life, to living with flow
  • Build on your learning, day by day 


  • An audio form daily lesson of around 10 minutes. Lesson includes a teaching & mindfulness meditation practice 
  • Access to a Course Reflection space to connect with others practicing around the world
  • Access to our Community of Practice, which you can continue to explore the free resources and events we have on offer


Follow the course by listening to a short daily teaching and guided meditation track every day for 30 days. 

Each day's lesson will reveal itself through the month of August. 

You will have access to the course for life, so it's free for you to come back it at any point to reconsolidate your practice. Or you could simply dip in and out of the practices that you enjoy as part of your continued daily practice. 


The course costs £35 and is available to purchase on our mindfulness platform the Community of Practice.


You can find the course on our Community of Practice, simply click here to purchase.

If you are new to our Community of Practice, you can create your account by choosing the Free Plan under Choose a Plan. Once you have created an account and logged in, you will be able to find the course on the left-hand navigation menu under ‘Courses’.

Want to have access to the course and guided meditations on your phone? You can download the Community of Practice as an app through downloading the Mighty Networks app for iOS or Android and logging into your account. 

Please note, if you are using an iOS device, you will have to will have to purchase the Course through the web to be able to then access it on your phone. 


Vidyamala Burch OBE 

Vidyamala is a mindfulness and compassion teacher, award-winning author and coach. She began teaching her mindfulness approach for managing pain and illness following her own personal experience living with health challenges. At age 23, she sustained spinal injuries that required multiple surgeries and left her with partial paraplegia and chronic pain. She began to explore mindfulness and meditation as a way to manage her pain and found the results to be life changing. 

In 2004, she developed the world’s first Mindfulness-based Pain Management (MBPM) programme which has now been recognised by the NHS and global health boards and has reached over 100,000 people coping with pain, illness and stress.  

Vidyamala’s list of accolades includes an OBE for services to Wellbeing and Pain Management and an honorary membership from The British Pain Society for her outstanding work for the alleviation of pain. She has been recognised as one of the most influential disabled people in the UK for four years running by the Shaw Trust Power List. 

Vidyamala offers wise and kind guidance and through her work hopes to pass on the tools that have helped her reclaim a full, happy and meaningful life. 

Sona Fricker 

Sona is a mindfulness and movement teacher and Co-founder of Breathworks. Following a powerful experience on a retreat some years ago, he responded to a growing urge to devote more of his life to caring for people who suffer from pain and illness. Inspired by Vidyamala’s work, he joined her in founding and growing Breathworks to where it is today. 

Sona started practising hatha yoga in his early twenties, before taking up meditation at a Buddhist centre in North London.  Soon after, he was ordained and across the subsequent years he has devoted his life to practising and teaching mindfulness, meditation and Buddhist philosophy around the world. 

Sona was involved in the establishment and running of several public meditation centres, including in Stockholm, Sweden, and worked as director of a retreat centre in the UK, where he spent much time leading and attending intensive retreats. He has led retreats and training programmes in the UK, Germany, Holland, Sweden, North America, Australia and New Zealand.