Vidyamala joins top mindfulness teachers on popular meditation app 

Breathworks’ Co-founder Vidyamala Burch will be available at people’s fingertips on the app. Vidyamala joins the ranks of internationally acclaimed and trusted mindfulness teachers, including former monk Cory Muscara, United Nations Mindfulness Trainer, Kelly Boys, and the CEO of Google’s Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, Rich Fernandez. 

Launched in 2020, carved a niche in the meditation app market through its approach to delivering mindfulness and meditation through daily personalised coaching.  Now it has over 120,000 users  worldwide and is one the most top rated meditation apps available for Apple and Android devices.. Alongside daily coaching recordings from top teachers, the app offers an extensive library of meditations and talks from the likes of Jon Kabat-Zinn, Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield.

Mindfulness teacher and award-winning author Vidyamala Burch has crafted a special course with the theme of “Finding Inner Peace” designed to reach those trying to find a sense of calm and peace in their day to day.

Vidyamala’s teachings on include:

  • A 7-day meditation course (consisting of 7 days of audio teachings and meditations) totalling over 2 hours of mindfulness support.
  • An intimate 70-minute conversation between Cory Muscara and Vidyamala as they share 5 strategies for finding inner peace - and increasing joy and calm.
  • Over an hour of 5 powerful short talks as she answers common questions ranging from dealing with physical pain, anger, demanding schedules and difficult emotions. 
  • 3 micro practices to use “on-the-spot” when you need immediate support, and only have 1-2 minutes to spare.
  • 3 standalone meditations to dive deeper in other ways to cultivate inner peace in your life.

Vidyamala says:

"I’m truly honoured to offer mindfulness guidance on the app. User-friendly, beautifully designed and carefully curated, offers is a top quality mindfulness experience to anyone around the world."

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