For over ten years, there has been a steadily growing number of Breathworks teachers emerging in the Spanish-speaking world. As a result, a huge number of Breathworks courses have been and continue to be taught across Spain, Mexico, Latin America, Brazil, Guatemala, Colombia, and Argentina. This has been due to the extraordinary work of Dharmakirti and the rest of the team of Respira Vida - the Spanish Branch of Breathworks. 

Their work has not gone unrewarded, and this week the Spanish Network of Standardised Mindfulness And Compassion-Based Programmes* was officially launched, with Respira Via as one of the founding members, and Breathworks as one of the main sponsors.
(*in Spanish: Red Española de Programas Estandarizados de Mindfulness y Compasión)

The Spanish Network is very similar to the UK Network - of which Breathworks is also a founding member - it serves to ensure that the mindfulness teacher training in Spain is conducted to a high standard, and that mindfulness teachers maintain high-quality supervision and Good Practice Standards.

In a world where it's all too easy for somebody who has done half of a low-quality mindfulness course online to set themselves up as a teacher, this is necessary organisation - the result of years of work - and is poised to make a huge positive impact.

Respira Vida's Founder Dharmakirti will give an official presentation together with the other Teacher Training organisations at The University of Madrid on the 28th June.

Please join us in congratulating them! You can find out more about the Spanish Network on their website.