As you may know, Breathworks, along with Bangor and Oxford University, is a founding member of the UK Network of Mindfulness-Based Teacher Training Organisations. The Network represents the closest thing that currently exists to a regulatory body for mindfulness training. There are a lot of bad teacher training programmes out there, and the Network’s stamp of approval is reserved for organisations and individual teachers who meet their requirements. (See the list of affiliated organisations here)

The Network is relaunching under their new name: the British Association of Mindfulness-Based Approaches, or BAMBA. This is great news, and not only because BAMBA is a much better acronym than UKNMBTTO. BAMBA will be working to increase its offerings for members, formalising many of the processes carried out by the Network, keep equality, diversity, and inclusivity at the heart of its work, and setting up a charitable association to help with these goals.

Keep an eye out for more from BAMBA soon, but check out their new website in the meantime.

If you are interested in training as a BAMBA-accredited mindfulness teacher, take a look at the Breathworks teacher training programme. Like all BAMBA-approved associations, Breathworks teachers are eligible to become BAMBA-accredited after they have completed their training.