Programme Innovations Coordinator

Ollie is the Programme Innovations Coordinator at Breathworks, responsible for ensuring the smooth functioning and evolution of our online programs. He plays a vital role in creating new resources and program content, keeping Breathworks at the forefront of mindfulness teaching. Ollie also oversees the functionality of our e-learning platform ‘The Community of Practice’, providing a convenient learning environment.

After a few years of dabbling, Ollie’s interest in practice caught fire during his first week-long meditation retreat, where he felt a deep wellbeing that he’d never felt before, and became determined to understand what it was and how to cultivate it. A decade and a half and Ollie is now an accredited Breathworks teacher, who teaches on behalf of the organisation and freelance - he also writes blogs on meditation.

An Oxford graduate in Experimental Psychology, Ollie has a passion for making the insights and practices of traditional Buddhist philosophy accessible, and understanding them in the light of a modern scientific understanding of the mind and brain.

When he is not working in the Breathworks office, Ollie is doing his Masters in Psychological Research Methods and Data Science where he is writing his thesis on meditative phenomenology with the Predictive Processing model, and is working on a final project analysing data relating to metacognition and the "planning fallacy".