Some of the recordings from online CPD courses we've run in the past are available to purchase and download. Take a look and take a deeper dive into one of the fascinating topics we've given CPD training on in the past.

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The Science of Chronic Pain and the Nervous System


Following a very successful masterclass in 2018, Vidyamala and Dr Julia Morris are teaming up once again to offer this masterclass that will look at the latest science and theory around pain and how the neuro-immune-endocrine systems play a crucial role in pain production. 

Julia is Consultant physiotherapist at Jersey’s Pain Clinic who is trained in the approach of Lorimer Moseley PhD - a world leader in pain studies and the role of brain and mind in perception. 

During the session Julia will introduce the latest thinking about pain and Vidyamala will show how mindfulness can help to calm the central nervous system, positively impacting pain perception by turning down the amplification that can occur when the CNS is sensitised. 

Length: 2 hours

Led by: Vidyamala Burch & Dr Julia Morris

Cost: £10

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The Whole World Breathing: Exploring Questions of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Our Mindfulness Teaching


As mindfulness teachers, the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion are important ethical standards for us to connect with, as people living and working in a diverse, multi-ability, multi-person and multicultural world. So, how can we educate ourselves around our own potential blind-spots, take steps to improve the inclusiveness of our own teaching context, or reach people not currently able to access mindfulness?

This online CPD session will give an overview of equality, diversity and inclusion issues as they affect us as a mindfulness teaching community, including a brief introduction to the Equality Act 2010. It will offer an opportunity for us to explore these issues in a safe and non-judgmental space, inviting us to deepen our own engagement with them, celebrate what is working well and inspire us to courageous and transformative actions in our lives and work.

Length: 1hr 20 mins

Led by:  Ginny Wall

Cost: £10

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