Return to your roots with this self-paced course to deepen your meditation practice and connection with nature’s five elements.

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When we immerse ourselves in nature, our senses come alive, busy minds quieten, and it’s easier to connect with the here and now. Enhance your relationship with Earth’s elements and deepen your mindfulness practice with this interactive self-paced course. 


Nature's Mindful Path is a seven-lesson online course designed to deepen your connection with mindfulness and nature through the exploration of the five natural elements: Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Space.

Work through the course at your own pace - it might be over a single week, or you may choose to dedicate a few days to each teaching. 

Each lesson begins with a short video introducing the element, inspired by ancient Greek philosophy and mindfulness training. Through guided meditation, poetry, and reflective questions, you’ll be invited to explore the qualities and teachings each element brings, with additional resources available to explore should you wish to learn more.

This course has been expertly crafted by Breathworks Associate Teacher Lilasuri Morris who brings over a decade of teaching mindfulness and a longstanding career in conservation and sustainability. Experience Lilasuri’s unique approach that weaves together her love of nature, extensive teaching experience, and work in the environmental sector. 

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  • Seven lessons to explore the five natural elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Space
  • Videos, audio meditations & hands-on activities
  • Research and resources about the elements, nature connection, and the benefits of including nature in your daily practice
  • Lifetime access to resources for you to revisit them whenever you need


  • Alleviate stress and promote a sense of calm and relaxation through nature-based mindfulness practices. 
  • Feel soothed and grounded with Earth’s natural healers
  • Add a new flavour to your mindfulness practice, keeping it alive & interesting
  • Learn from an expert mindfulness teacher & conservationist 

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This self-paced course allows you to explore each element on a daily basis or over several days. Each of the seven lessons includes:

  • An introduction to the element and what it can teach us, inspired by ancient Greek philosophy and mindfulness training. 
  • Meditations tailored to the elements
  • Nature Connection Activities to help you bring the elements into your daily life. 
  • Poems to inspire your practice
  • Additional resources including websites, research and reading


Nature's Mindful Path is ideal for anyone seeking to deepen their mindfulness practice, reduce stress, and build a stronger connection with nature. Whether you are new to mindfulness or have an established practice, this course offers valuable insights and practical techniques for enhancing your wellbeing through nature.

All that is required to take part is internet access and to register a free account on our online learning platform, The Community of Practice.

P.S You don’t need to be in a glorious natural location to benefit from this course. The invitation is to explore and reflect on nature where you can—whether it's the countryside, your garden, a park, or natural objects in your home. You may be surprised to find just how accessible nature’s elements are. 


Your teacher Lilasuri

Lilasuri (Lee-lah-sure-ee) is the Founder of Wild Awake Mindfulness creating experiences to increase wellbeing whilst bringing about life changing connections to nature, for thousands of individuals and hundreds of communities, and delivering services to businesses such as; BBC Breakfast, NHS Mental Health Services, UK Gov Dept Business and Trade, Canal and River Trust, University of Manchester, Big Life Group, Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), Manchester Academies, Whitworth Art Gallery, amongst many more.
With over a decade of mindfulness experience, she is a Breathworks Associate Teacher, trainer and supervisor. Until recently she was the Mindfulness Coordinator for Mind in Salford leading on the 12 month mindfulness teacher training pathway as recognised by BAMBA where she trained and supervised 50 people to become qualified mindfulness teachers. 
She has worked in the charity sector as a Director and Senior manager for over 20 years and has dedicated 15 years to working in conservation, sustainability and environmental projects. She is a Buddhist following an ethical path of compassion and was ordained into a Buddhist order 3 years ago, Lilasuri was the name given to her at ordination it means 'playful heroine'. 


Your personal investment for this course, including lifelong access to all resources is £39.00


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