Take Back Your Life Course for Manchester Residents, September 2021

Are you a Manchester resident who suffers with pain, illness or stress? Do you want to learn the benefits of mindfulness?

Take Back Your Life is a free 8-week mindfulness course to help you better manage your health. Mindfulness meditations and simple daily practices help us to manage pain and discomfort, calm our thoughts and conserve our energy, so that we can live better with difficulties and enjoy life more.

FREE places available for Manchester adults this autumn, especially those: 

  • with a disability or chronic health condition 
  • from Black, Asian & minority ethnic communities 
  • older adults 
  • with 'long-covid' 
  • Carers and family supporters are also welcome.

The online course will be led by an experienced Breathworks mindfulness teacher. Sessions will be 75 minutes long, and held weekly sessions across 8 weeks.

Details of session times and dates will be announced soon, to find out more please contact:

[email protected]

or call 0161 834 1110 (ask for Karen or Colin) 


Introduction Sessions

Join an introductory session to get a taste of mindfulness and see if it is for you, learn about the free course, or just to find out more 

  • Mon 20th Sept - 7pm
  • Tue 21st Sept - 11am
  • Weds 22nd Sept - 7pm (long-covid specific)
  • Tue 28th Sept - 7pm
  • Wed 29th Sept - 11am
  • Wed 6th Oct - 11am

8-Week Course Start Dates

Online courses running over 8 weeks, weekly 75 minute sessions led by a community-based trainer. 

  • Weds 6th Oct - 7pm (long-covid specific)
  • Thurs 14th Oct - 11am
  • Tues 19th Oct - 7pm

About The Take Back Your Life Course

The Take Back Your Life course has been created by expert mindfulness coaches and provides practical tools and skills to manage health conditions that can be debilitating and challenging. 

Clinical trials have shown that mindfulness meditation can be as effective as prescription painkillers, and can enhance the body’s natural healing systems. Mindfulness can also reduce the anxiety, depression, irritability, exhaustion, and insomnia that arises from chronic pain and illness.

This programme consists of scientifically-backed mindfulness and compassion techniques from over 30 years of experience dealing with health conditions. 

The 8-week online course will guide you through mindfulness meditations and simple daily practices to help you become more aware of your thoughts, feelings and the world around you. On leaving the course, you will have the tools to better manage your condition, allowing you to live a fuller and richer life.

What You Will Learn?

The foundation of mindfulness 

Experience mindfulness meditation practices and their many benefits.

Kindness and acceptance

Learn how to be with and work with your pain through practices of openness and kindness.

Enjoying life to the fullest

Discover how to make more of the small pleasures in everyday life.

Opening your hearts

Bring more kindness to yourself and others.

Following the course, participants have reported: 

  • being better able to manage their health
  • feeling able to do more and to enjoy life more
  • feeling less alone

I used to think "I’m the only one with pain", and I feel a bit ashamed. Now I realise I’m not the only one who suffers with pain... there’s a connection with others.  I feel OK walking with my stick now.  Before I wanted to hide it somewhere so people wouldn’t judge me. I can laugh about that now! I’m not alone.” 

- Dorita, Take Back Your Life Participant