Take Back Your Life is a simple 5-week course which can participants you to address chronic pain and health conditions, and the depression, social isolation, and inactivity which can often result.

It is an adaptation of the Breathworks Mindfulness for Health course for people with lower language, literacy and income levels, who despite being at greater risk of chronic pain and illness, may have limited access to mindfulness services.

2021 funded places for Manchester residents see below

The Take Back Your Life course gives participants the tools and skills to live well, manage their health conditions, and thrive. It is a 5-week course (8 weeks online) which guides participants through mindfulness meditations and simple daily practices to help become more aware of our thoughts, our feelings, and the world around us, in ways that can help us to live better with difficulties and enjoy life.

Before the course I would worry about my pain constantly.
After each session I went home and thought 'this is going to mean a lot less worry for me.'"
- Dorita, Take Back Your Life Participant

A University of Leeds research project interviewed TBYL participants in Tower Hamlets and found evidence for: 

  • Reduced pain intensity 
  • Reduced medication use 
  • Improved ability to self-manage condition 
  • Increased ability to return to work/participate within the community 

What Will Participants Learn?

Waking Up

Experience mindfulness meditation practices and their many benefits.

Anchoring the Mind

Gain greater understanding of the power of mindfulness to transform the relationship to physical sensations, thoughts and feelings.

Kindness and acceptance

Understand the importance of "moving towards" rather than pushing away difficult experiences, and learn how to be with and work with pain through kindness and acceptance practice.

Enjoying Life Again

Discover the value of seeking out the pleasure in everyday life, and learn how to do it with ease.

Opening our Hearts

Start to feel the value of cultivating kindness for yourself and others, as well as the power of relating to difficult experiences with kindness and acceptance.  

I used to think "I’m the only one with pain", and feel a bit ashamed. Now I realise I’m not the only one who suffers with pain... there’s a connection with others.  I feel OK walking with my stick now.  Before I wanted to hide it somewhere so people wouldn’t judge me. I can laugh about that now! I’m not alone.” 

- Dorita, Take Back Your Life Participant

Free Courses for Manchester Residents, Summer 2021

In partnership with Disabled Living, and funded by Manchester City Council, over the Summer of 2021 we are making available a limited number of free places on Take Back your Life Courses for Manchester residents affected by Covid, especially people with:

  • any kind of disability 
  • a chronic health condition 
  • older adults 
  • people from BAME communities

Carers and family supporters are also welcome.

Email [email protected] or call 0161 834 1110 and ask for Karen or Colin to find out more, and to book a free place on an introductory session, either online or in person at Redbank House in Cheetham Hill.