This free, 12-step course is full of mindfulness tips and practices on how to deal with unpredictability and stress. Designed by Breathworks Co-founder Vidyamala Burch, it is based on tried and tested mindfulness methods for creatively managing your mind and body. 

According to the UN Human Development Report (Sept 2022), we are living in the emergence of a new ‘uncertainty complex’ that has never before been seen. During times of unpredictability, there are tools that we can lean on to help weather the storm, and even create resilience in the face of challenges. 

The life force of Breathworks is a desire to help people who are suffering, so if you’re scared or worried, or even just wondering how to stay sane we believe this resource will help you weather some of the storm.

We’d love you to see it as a toolkit that you can dip in and out of whenever you need to. 


  • Short mindfulness and grounding practices for quick & immediate stress relief
  • Mindful movement practices to help you release built-up tension
  • Tips for creating healthy habits to create routine, stability
  • Wellbeing practices for better sleep
  • Self-compassion exercises to give you a kinder, more effective way of dealing with difficulty
  • Extras for you to discover


The 12-session course is designed to be self-led, so you can work through the content at your own pace. Each session will introduce a new topic and include both educational teachings and guided meditation practices. 

The sessions are outlined in the table below:

DAY 1 Connection and Compassion
DAY 2 When in Doubt, Breathe Out
DAY 3 The Four B's of the Breath
DAY 4 Rest into Gravity
DAY 5 Use Your Imagination
DAY 6 Making a Home in the Present Moment
DAY 7 What the Body Needs
DAY 8 Thoughts are Not Facts
DAY 9 How to Create a Habit that Works
DAY 10 Sleep: Better Nights, Better Days
DAY 11 The Extraordinary Power
DAY 12 The Pleasure of Small Things


  • Teaching and practices to improve your resilience through difficult circumstances
  • Audio files and transcripts of a variety of meditation practices, guided by Breathworks Co-founder, Vidyamala Burch.
  • Access to our wider Community of Practice, in which you can continue to explore all the free resources and events we have on offer
  • A space to connect with and support other people who want to use mindfulness to enhance their wellbeing.


  • You can access the free course on our Breathworks Community of Practice (our free social community for mindfulness and meditation).
  • If you haven’t yet signed up for the Community of Practice –, you can do that here through your desktop, or via the Mighty Networks app for your smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android).
  • Once you are in the Community of Practice, you can find the full course on the left-hand navigation menu under ‘Courses / Resources’.


Vidyamala Burch

Vidyamala Burch OBE is a mindfulness and compassion teacher, award-winning author, disability spokesperson and Co-founder of Breathworks. 

Originally from New Zealand, Vidyamala sustained life-changing spinal injuries in her teens. She started exploring mindfulness and meditation to help her manage her condition and found the results to be life changing.


In 2004, she developed the world’s first Mindfulness-based Pain Management (MBPM) programme with friends and fellow meditation teachers Sona Fricker and Gary Hennessey. Today, her approach has been recognised by the NHS and health boards globally and has reached over 100,000 people coping with pain, illness and stress.

Vidyamala’s list of accolades includes an OBE for her services to Wellbeing and Pain Management, an honorary membership from The British Pain Society for her outstanding work for the alleviation of pain and the Shaw Trust Power List’s award for her influence as a person living with a disability for four years running.

Vidyamala offers wise and kind guidance and through her work hopes to pass on the tools that have helped her reclaim a full, happy and meaningful life.

We hope that you enjoy this course, and if you have, please pass it onto friends, family and colleagues who you think may benefit from it too. 


"Just what I needed to get out of my head and remind myself to rest from all the expectations and questions in my head that usually evolves around my self-worth.

Very grateful that the toolkit meditation day by day is aligning with my current experience of life and is anchoring me to simply trust in the process."

Margaret Abanes