Mindfulness. Transforming Lives.

We give people who live with pain, stress, and illness the tools to lead more fulfilling lives.  Since 2001 we have trained thousands of people to unlock the benefits of mindfulness & compassion practice for themselves, their patients and their communities.

Mindfulness Champions Training - Online, May 2021

Learn to lead simple mindfulness meditation practices with competence and confidence and to apply mindfulness in your work.




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Author: Karen Levin

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Online Mindful Movement Sessions

Join us for these 45 minute online mindful movement sessions to soothe the body, focus the mind, and relax both!


Author: Breathworks CIC

Our Impact

Increased Quality of Life

44% higher after the course 
33% higher 12 months later 

Reduced Emotional Distress

28% lower after the course 
35% lower 12 months later 

Less Fatigue

31% lower after the course 
29% lower 12 months later 

The Breathworks Foundation

Bursaries from the Aryamati Bursary Fund enable people to access mindfulness courses and teacher training. We also develop partnerships to make mindfulness accessible to the wider community



Introduction to the Breathworks Approach

This short video gives you a powerful insight into the Breathworks approach to mindfulness and compassion, demonstrating the far reaching benefits it is having on many peoples lives.


  • Becoming Wild Awake - June 2021

    Nature has held us when we have felt down, isolated and confused, and has brought energy and rejuvenation. Join us for a beautiful journey into how we can continue to become Wild Awake with the support of mindfulness in nature. Read more

  • Gravity: Resting in Being with Colette Power - One day retreat

    The sensations of gravity invite us to soften effort and recline into spacious awareness. Resting in a sense of flow we come to balance even in the face of continually changing experience. Read more

  • Become a Compassionate Warrior

    An opportunity to practice with Vidyamala and Sona, the Founders of Breathworks. Drawing on their long meditation experience they will introduce ways mindfulness and compassion practices can build fearlessness and courage alongside softness and openness towards ourselves and others. Read more

News and stories

  • World Mental Health Day 10th October - Move with Us

    The World Mental Health Day campaign will offer opportunities for all of us to do something life-affirming. Breathworks team are joining United for Global Mental Health in the Virtual March and re-launching our free courses to support in these troubling times. Read more

  • Celebrating Singhashri

    Singhashri was a critical part of Breathworks for 8 years - working as Programme Director, and then Head of Innovations, as well as running teacher training programmes, teaching on retreats, and much more. In this short blog we celebrate Singhashri's contributions to Breathworks and look at what she's up to next. Read more

  • Standing in Solidarity. A message from Vidyamala & Helen

    We stand in solidarity with all who are working towards dismantling racial inequities and other forms of systemic oppression. Read more