Singhashri was a critical part of Breathworks for 8 years - working as Programme Director, and then Head of Innovations, as well as running teacher training programmes, teaching on retreats, and much more. In this short blog we celebrate Singhashri's contributions to Breathworks and look at what she's up to next.

What was your proudest achievement (or top 3) while at Breathworks?

My first job when I joined Breathworks was to support the growth of the teacher training programme. Already in its twelfth year and extremely popular, my job was to support the small, committed team of teacher trainers to operationalize everything they did in order to successfully “pass the torch” to a new generation. Over a full year we re-designed the eight week Living Well with Pain and Illness course and relaunched is as the Mindfulness for Health course to align with Vidyamala’s new book of the same name, redesigned the teacher training programme based on adult learning theory and including an application process, teacher handbook and trainer notes and recruited and trained up a new cohort of teacher trainers. 

In that same year I also designed and facilitated Breathworks first ever strategic planning process. The process included engagement of multiple stakeholders at all levels of the organization and resulted in a five year plan to grow the organization from a “mom and pop” operation to an internationally recognized leader in mindfulness-based programmes. 

Finally, in my last year I led the organization in the development of its workplace programme. At the time Breathworks already had a number of workplace clients and was reaching capacity in its ability to respond to growing interest and demand. My job was to design and operationalise our workplace offering and recruit and train a cohort of workplace associates.

Oh, and I recruited Helen! My proudest achievement by far.

What does this next phase of your life have in store? Where can people find you?

As a Buddhist teacher, I’m interested in how to continue to innovate in bringing the ancient wisdom of the Buddhist tradition to support people grappling with the challenges of our time. I’m particularly interested in how we can individually and collectively respond to social and environmental justice issues. How do we show up for the earth and each other with awareness and love? To this end I am writing a book, offering courses and retreats and one-to-one coaching for anyone interested in what Buddhism has to offer to help create a more kind, just society. You can find me at and on insight timer at 

How will you continue to be involved in the Breathworks community?

I care deeply about the mindfulness field and ongoingly I'm happy to be consulted on issues and projects where my experience and skills may be helpful and also I'll be working with Breathworks workplace clients in London. I will also continue to contribute to Breathworks CPD programme (such as compassionate enquiry next month) and offer supervision for teachers and trainers.

On behalf of all the Breathworks team, we wish Singhashri well in this next phase of her life.

Helen Sullivan