Mindfulness Facilitator A is part one of our Mindfulness Facilitator Training where you will learn to share mindfulness with others. On completion of both A & B Modules, you will be certified to facilitate simple and short mindfulness, sessions and practices for your clients, colleagues, friends and family. 

On this Module, you will:

  • Get to know the Breathworks 6-stage Process which will underpins all of the teaching you will go on to do.
  • Familiarise yourself with six mindfulness mini-modules that you can go on to use with clients, patients, colleagues, family and friends.
  • Receive guidance on leading meditations and practise leading your own.

Trainee on our Mindfulness Facilitator A Module

What's Included

As part of the module, you will get:

  • Module overview and orientation information.
  • Videos, handouts and other resources.
  • Guidance for reflective assignments.
  • Additional learning resources and links.
  • Group reflective space where you will be able to share assignments, reflections and experiences with your fellow trainees and trainer.
  • A learning community of fellow trainees from around the world.

During the Module you will

  • Joining one live online introductory group session led by an experienced Breathworks trainer. This will be held on Zoom.
  • Have an opportunity to reflect on your learning with one of our personal training mentors.
  • Watch training videos and reading handouts as part of your self-study.
  • Complete one brief reflective assignment per week.
  • Practise guiding short meditations and sharing reflections on how you get on.
  • Engage in discussion and sharing in the module reflection space.

Learn more about Mindfulness Facilitator A.

Once you’ve completed Mindfulness Facilitator A, you’ll be ready to go on to our Mindfulness Facilitator B module where you will take your learning deeper, and practise facilitating the materials introduced in this module. 


Event Details 


This is an online course and will be hosted on Zoom and our online Community of Practice.


Start: Sunday, 8 September 2024

End: Sunday, 27 October 2024

Application Deadline:

Sunday, 25 August 2024


  Session Date / Time


Week 1

Sunday 8 September

16:00 - 18:00

Introductions and course content
Week 2 Self Study Mini Module: The Body
Week 3 Self Study Mini Module: The Breath
Week 4 Self Study Mini Module: Movement
Week 5 Self Study Mini Module: Balance and Self-Care
Week 6 Self Study Mini Module: Calming and Grounding
Week 7 Self Study Mini Module: Living More Fully

Your Trainer  

Ginny Wall

This course will be led by experienced Breathworks teacher Ginny Wall.

Ginny is an experienced mindfulness teacher who has been teaching individuals and training teachers for over 20 years.

Ginny came across Breathworks after going through a period of emotional pain and anxiety due to family circumstances. Already a long-time meditator, she found the Mindfulness for Health approach, in particular its combined emphasis on awareness and compassion, to be transformational and a real turning point in her practice and life. Her teaching today is very much grounded in her own experience of how these practices can make a real difference in coping with everyday life, work, personal challenges and relationships.

As former Head of Training at Breathworks, Ginny was responsible for designing and developing the Teacher Training Programme. Today, she continues to teach Breathworks courses to groups, alongside working with individuals and mentees. She has been extensively involved in adapting the Breathworks programme for the needs of different communities - including younger demographics, the LGBTQI+ community and people with lower literacy levels. 

She enjoys working in a variety of contexts from community centres and festivals to workplaces and schools. One of the things Ginny loves most about teaching mindfulness is seeing the ways it can transform people’s lives for the better. Having experienced how it can spread positive ripples out into the world, she loves to witness how it can help people flourish through reducing suffering and promoting resilience and creativity.


Individual Concession Organisation
£375 £300 £625

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Pricing Guidelines

Breathworks is a charitable organisation with a mission to make the benefits of mindfulness accessible to everyone. To help remove barriers for people in financial hardship, we offer concessionary, bursary and scholarship places on our trainings. We operate our booking system on the basis of self-assessment and trust. Please have a careful read of our eligibility guide below, and contact us if you have any further questions.

Concessionary Rate

Applies to individuals with an income of less than £22,000 a year (or less than £25,000 if you live in London). If your annual income is higher than this and would like to discuss your eligibility for a concessionary place for other reasons, please contact us at [email protected].

Bursary Places

A limited number of bursary places are reserved for individuals with significant barriers that limit them from affording the Concessionary Rate. As we want as many people as possible to benefit from Breathworks courses, we ask you to consider how much you are able to fund yourself. Subject to available funds, our charitable fund will cover the remainder of the course fee. To apply, please complete this form and click submit.

Organisation Rate

For organisations booking on behalf of their employees (cost is for one place).