This year's World Mental Health Day is on 10th October 2020 and this year is focusing on the opportunity to kick-start a massive scale-up in investment in mental health. We are proud to be working with United for Global Mental Health and introducing their staff to mindfulness as a tool to improve mental wellbeing.  We will also be 'virtually' joining them and others from around the world as we participate in a virtual march. To find out more, see here. In addition to the march, you can join a 24-hour livestream which will feature people with lived experience, mental health leaders and influencers from the civil society groups already active in 19 countries through the Speak Your Mind campaign. 

Purple background with the text: Move for mental health

Join Us!

On the 10th of October, our online community of practice will be joining the march - taking a walk, doing some yoga, mindful movement, or any other kind of movement, and sharing some pictures and mental health reflections. Join us in marching here.

Taking Care of Our Mental Health 

Of course, just like physical health, looking after our mental health needs to be a daily habit.

This year has been so challenging for so many. Vidyamala has been busy updating the resources we launched at the start of the pandemic and you can find the next release here.

We know how hard it is for positive habits like mindfulness and meditation (and exercise for that matter!) are to stick and that's where having a community of other practitioners is so important.  Our global network of accredited teachers have been providing this community for over 20 years and in this year of pandemic where being in person isn't so easy, we hope that our virtual community space is the next best thing.  This month in the community of practice we are focusing on establishing and keeping up our practice.   You can find out more here.