Our Mission, Vision and Values

Find out more about our inspiring mission, vision and values. To alleviate human suffering by helping people living with pain, stress and illness to live happier, healthier lives..... Read more

Our history

From humble beginnings to international recognition, find out more about Breathworks history since its establishment in 2001. Read more

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a special kind of awareness meaning you can be fully 'awake' to life in each present moment; fully alive and vibrant. Read more

The Breathworks approach to mindfulness and compassion

Our mindfulness and compassion courses teach a variety of well-researched and up-to-date techniques, yet the core of our approach is remarkably simple and timeless. Read more

What is Mindfulness based Pain Management (MBPM)?

Mindfulness Based Pain and Illness Management (MBPM) is a mindfulness-based approach developed by Breathworks, that is the foundation of our Mindfulness for Health course. Read more

Bursary Funding for Mindfulness Courses and Training

The Breathworks Foundation offers bursary funding for subsidised places on mindfulness courses and teacher training for those with health conditions and financial restraints. Read more