Online - Breathing and the Sympathetic Nervous System

The breath has an extraordinary effect on our state of mind - this CPD event will help you to explore and make use of this connection. Read more

Mindfulness-based Supervision Training - 2 Modules

Supervision training for experienced mindfulness-based teachers and practitioners led by Dr Colette Power. Read more

2-Day Event - Mindfulness and Compassion for Health - Masterclass with Vidyamala followed by Teachers Gathering

2-day CPD Event for Breathworks Mindfulness Teachers including Masterclass and Teachers Gathering. Read more

Mindfulness and Compassion for Health - Masterclass with Vidyamala

Immerse yourself in the main elements of Breathworks mindfulness-based approaches to managing pain, illness and stress. Read more

1-Day Breathworks Teachers Gathering - Sept - Herefordshire

Mindfulness CPD Event for Breathworks Accredited Teachers. Read more

Online - The Whole World Breathing: Exploring Questions of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Our Mindfulness Teaching

In mindfulness teaching, the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion are important ethical standards for us to connect with. Read more

Online - Mindfulness in the Workplace: Adapting the Breathworks Approach

The Mindful Nation report recommended the workplace as one of four domains where mindfulness can make a big difference to peoples health and wellbeing. Find out more how Breathworks is doing this. Read more