Going Deeper is a practical course to take the next step to becoming an insightful mindfulness practitioner and experienced meditator. 

On this course, you will:

  • Learn more about mindfulness and deepen your understanding. 
  • Strengthen your meditation practice.
  • Gain insight into your experience and how to develop embodied awareness.
  • Embed further skills of mindfulness and compassion in your daily life.
  • Learn skills of reflection and self-enquiry that you can take forward into all aspects of life.

Course participants go deeper with their mindfulness practice.

Designed to be flexible and offer deep learning, the course consists of one-to-one mentorship, group live sessions and self-study across 6 weeks. 

What’s more, it is a key module on our Training pathway, so if you decide you want to go on to share mindfulness with others you are on the way to doing so.

What's Included

  • One-to-one mentorship from a personal Mentor. 
  • Meditation guidance and daily reflective diaries.
  • Lifetime access to learning resources, meditations and videos.
  • A learning community of like-minded others from around the world.

During the course you will

  • Take part in two live online group sessions led by an experienced Breathworks Trainer at the start and end of the course. These are held on Zoom.
  • Meet with your personal Mentor for one-to-one online sessions (up to 2 hours in total).
  • Meditate daily with guided Going Deeper meditations.
  • Complete a reflective meditation diary daily.
  • Watching educational videos to guide your self-study.
  • Engaging in sharing with other course participants in the course Reflection Space.

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Event Details 


This is an online course and will be hosted on Zoom and our online Community of Practice.


Start: Saturday, 2 November 2024

End: Saturday, 14 December 2024

Booking Deadline:

Saturday, 19 October 2024


  Session Date / Time


Week 1

Saturday 2 November

10:30 - 12:00

Introductions and course content
Week 2 Self Study Meet with mentor and begin meditation diaries
Week 3 Self Study Going Deeper videos and meditation diary feedback
Week 4 Self Study Explore Breathworks meditations
Week 5 Self Study Further feedback from mentor and reflect on practice
Week 6

Saturday 14 December

10:30 - 12:00

Reflect with group on the course and what you've learned, hear insights from others

5 weeks of 4-5 hours of self-study per week in your own time - this includes doing meditations, writing meditation diary entries, watching Going Deeper videos, meeting with your mentor and engaging in conversation in the course reflection space.

Your Trainer  

Andrea Cygler

This course will be led by experienced Breathworks teacher Andrea Cygler.

Andrea has been a member of the senior training team for Breathworks for over 10 years. She was trained by the Breathworks founders, and has since gone on to train and supervise hundreds of new Breathworks mindfulness teachers. An experienced and well-qualified wellbeing practitioner, she has taught and practised complementary health, stress management and resilience training for over 20 years, working with all ages and diversities in Merseyside and North West of England.

Andrea is committed to enabling individuals in taking an active and integrative approach to their wellbeing. She encourages a deep understanding of the connection and relationship between body, mind and spirit. 

In her freelance work, she has brought mindfulness to areas including women’s refuge, rehab and recovery, suicide prevention and mental health awareness training. In her own practice of supporting others she has become particularly interested in the cycles of nature, and how we can align ourselves with its natural rhythms.


Individual Concession Organisation
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Pricing Guidelines

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Concessionary Rate

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