Who are Accredited Breathworks Mindfulness Teachers?

Breathworks Mindfulness Teachers have completed the Breathworks Training Programme and been accredited by Breathworks to run both of our signature 8-week courses, Mindfulness for Health and Mindfulness for Stress.

Requirements for Accreditation

Before accreditation you will have:

  • Adhered to the UK Network Guidelines for Mindfulness Teachers and a Breathworks Code of Conduct
  • Successfully completed introductory and advanced levels of our Teacher Training programme
  • Supported a Breathworks course 
  • Completed a Mindful Movement weekend
  • Completed all diaries and reviewed them with your personal mentor 
  • Run your own practice course or co-led a Breathworks course to apply skills learned in training between introductory and advanced level training
  • Discussed accreditation with your Breathworks personal mentor  based on the outcomes of your training and application of skills

Students can attend Advanced Level Training and support or run practice courses as many times as they'd like until they are ready to apply for accreditation.

You’ll be ac­cred­ited in the Breathworks Approach and will be able to run both of our two sig­na­ture 8-week courses, Mind­ful­ness for Health and Mind­ful­ness for Stress.

Benefits of Accreditation

All accredited Breathworks Mindfulness Teachers enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access to and use of curriculum and all related materials for the Mindfulness for Health and/or Mindfulness for Stress courses, with free curriculum updates when available
  • A free listing of contact information on the Breathworks website
  • Use of the Breathworks name and logo for marketing purposes
  • 10% discount on all Breathworks Continuing Professional Development events
  • 25% discount on all Breathworks study materials

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