This page contains resources and support for people living with ‘long covid’ – the debilitating on-going symptoms that can follow a coronavirus infection.

Breathworks founder, Vidyamala Burch, knows full well the impact chronic health difficulties can have on life. She lives with persistent pain and has spent the past 35 years exploring ways to get her mind working with her rather than against her. 

She has curated a series of resources to support everybody living with ‘long covid’ which The Breathworks Foundation is making freely available in keeping with our mission to offer mindfulness resources to those who most need them.

Mindfulness for Managing Long COVID - Free Online Course

This Mindfulness for Managing Long COVID course has been developed with University College of London and forms part of the 'Living With COVID Recovery Programme’ currently used within the NHS. It has been designed to support people on their recovery journey and to help them live with their symptoms while their body is healing.

The Art of Mindfulness: Mindfulness in Daily Life

This booklet has become a Breathworks classic in dealing particularly with the challenge of managing daily life when living with pain or fatigue. It provides a mindful approach to pacing, an essential skill and Vidyamala offers a rich and accessible approach. The NHS recognises pacing as a key skill when living with ‘long covid’.

Breathworks online Community of Practice

At Breathworks we recognise the immense value of connection, perhaps especially for those living with the additional burden and isolation that so often accompanies ill-health. We have our own online community where people come together to share experiences and ideas for managing their conditions. There are fortnightly ‘live’ practice sessions to join and regular input from senior Breathworks teachers.

Included on this platform is a simple 10 day audio course, Methods for Living Well With Pain and Illness, which we suggest you might start with.  

The community of practice is free to join.

Weekly ‘Space to Breathe’ meditations 

Vidyamala started leading these sessions soon after the national lockdown in March 2020. She has kept it going every week since that time and it is becoming a place of restoration for many.


All of the resources shared here are a great starting point and if you are interested in taking the next step and learning how to live well with pain and illness, we recommend taking an 8 week course:

Eight week Mindfulness for Health course

"This is so much more than 'just an 8-week course' which you will forget in about 3 months time, you are learning tools to enhance your quality of life, for as long as they are required!"

The teacher led online course is delivered on the Breathworks bespoke e-learning platform and supported by a vibrant and supportive online community. This award winning course is structured around the book, Mindfulness for Health.

Mindfulness for Health book

Winning first prize at the British Medical Association book awards in 2014, Mindfulness for Health has helped thousands of people living with a range of health conditions since that time. It’s also available as an audio book if your symptoms make reading difficult.


"Despite lifelong asthma and related health issues, I was unprepared for the long-term debilitating effects of contracting Covid-19.  Ongoing fatigue, neurological issues such as confusion and “brain fog”, head and body aches, as well as mood swings have all contributed to the challenges of life beyond the acute phase of illness.
Following the “Mindfulness for Health” course has helped me to develop life-changing new habits in two key areas: firstly, by working with awareness and pacing to begin changing my tendency to override physical exhaustion and discomfort; and secondly, by working with the led meditations to engage more fully, fearlessly and kindly with the anxiety and tension that ongoing ill health can bring."
- V.T.

- V.T

"As a sporty 47 year old and former international triathlete, I have taken good health and abundant energy for granted. When illnesses have come, they have soon passed.
So I have been shocked to still be suffering recurrent Covid symptoms of fatigue, body and head aches, mood swings and brain fog after four months.
Vidyamala’s Mindfulness for Health course has helped me to develop patient acceptance of my condition, as well as a new skill of mindful ‘pacing’ that is helping me to steadily return to work and life."

- A.