Breathworks are extremely excited to announce that our mindfulness teacher training pathway is now available fully online! This will mean that many people who were previously unable to access it - those living abroad, or those with mobility issues for whom travelling is difficult - will be able to train as mindfulness teachers with Breathworks and start delivering our courses from wherever they are in the world.

Ginny Wall, head of training, commented: "I'm really delighted to find that our commitment to making our teacher training more accessible and inclusive is being borne out in our online teacher training groups so far - we have people joining us who would struggle to attend residential retreat-based training due to health conditions, caring responsibilities, financial circumstances, commitment to not incurring air miles or other personal circumstances."

This training was made possible by the hard work and expertise of our programme team, Ginny Wall, Stanter Kandola, Helen Sullivan, and Vidyamala Burch, who began this project before anybody had heard about COVID-19. We’re extremely proud of our new online pathway, and grateful that even in the midst of a global pandemic, Breathworks is able to continue our training, sharing the life-changing techniques to help people everywhere cope with pain, ill-health, stress, and challenging times. 

Our next online teacher training cohorts are already beginning to fill up quickly. If you’re interested in training as a mindfulness teacher with Breathworks, you can find the details of our Teacher Training Pathway here, and our Introductory Online Training and Advanced Online Training here.

The online training will cover all the content of our original face-to-face training, and will be just as thorough and detailed. It will include a very high proportion of interpersonal interaction, as we feel this is essential to the quality of mindfulness teacher training that Breathworks prides itself on delivering.

Ginny noted:

"The ways in which we interact and reflect on the learning together are different than when we train face-to-face, but while there is the loss of the immediacy of face-to-face contact, what we gain is the capacity to reflect in more detail and over a significant period of time together in our course forums, as well as during our live online sessions. So, there are ways that learning online really promotes inclusion and everyone's voice being heard - I'm currently reviewing assignments from online TTi trainees where I'm hearing much more in-depth reflections and personal learning from every single trainee than we normally have time or space for in a 1 hour face-to-face session on the same subject. It's really quite exciting!"

The online schedule includes:

  • twice-weekly live online sessions led by experienced members of our training team, 
  • tailored small group sessions for practising guiding meditations and reflecting on the learning (including specially timed sessions for trainees on the other side of the world!) 
  • self-study elements, with assignments completed through forum discussions with trainers and fellow-trainees

Find out more and apply to join our Mindfulness Teacher Training Programme here.