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Mindfulness Taster Course



Mindfulness for Stress

8-week course

Price £19

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Price £75  Now £55

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Mindfulness for Health 

8-week course


Mindfulness for Health
with Online
Teacher and Group

Price £75 Now £55

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Price £195

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We offer online mindfulness courses with unlimited access, to support you from your home or work. Our courses are designed to help ease the suffering associated with persistent pain, fatigue and ill health and stress. Do you have ten minutes to take a break, morning and afternoon?

  • Ten minutes of mindfulness meditation could change your life!
  • Make the most of each moment
  • Strengthen inner resources
  • Reduce stress
  • Sleep better
  • Manage the pressures of working and everyday life more easily


"I am getting so much out of the online course. It's shown me once again how accessible Breathworks can be, and what a wonderful group!"

- Laura, Breathworks Teacher in Training and Online Course Supporter

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